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We’re on a mission:

To spark the transformation that’s possible in all of us. We’re dedicated to offering truly groundbreaking healthcare programs for companies and their employees, preventing disease through sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes.

  • We are…

  • And we’re so not.


It’s behind everything we do: real research, real tools, and real help for real people.


We rally around everyone who wants true change in their life.


We welcome all members to this party. It’s about good health for our community.


We built Real Appeal on solid, proven science. It’s why it works—and sticks.


We don’t have a one-size-fits-all program. We have a you-make-it-fit-you program.


We trust our members to know themselves, and know what works best for them.


We truly want a healthy, positive life to be possible for everyone.


We will always improve our program with a new idea, a new approach, a new flash of genius.

Our one-of-a-kind approach

We have over 700,000+ participants. We’ve watched our members find their way to success, whether it was losing a little weight, eating a little better, or seeing a lot of positive change in their health. And it happened because our approach to population health management is based on science, designed to be different, and has been proven effective.
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Empowering members. Transforming lives.

My deepest motivation—what gets me up in the morning, what gets me excited to go to work, and what keeps me focused and energized—is the belief that every day, Real Appeal is making a difference.

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to empowering members, preventing disease, and transforming lives. And we’re doing it in ways that will work for the long run, helping people make those small choices and take those small steps that lead to a better life.

Everyone at Real Appeal is here to provide support and tools that help build healthier lifestyles. And we want to make the journey a little more fun and a lot easier than it would be otherwise. I'm both humbled and grateful for the work we do here—as well as for the people I have the privilege to work with.

Wherever you are on your path to a healthier life, welcome. We’re here to help, in any way you need us.

- Steve Olin

Steve Olin is senior vice president in charge of health solutions at Rally HealthSM and the former CEO of Real Appeal, which merged with Rally®in November 2017. 

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From this moment forward, you get to pick your next steps. With Real Appeal, you can have access to a proven, science-based approach through education, support and tools to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. Let's get started.

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